Yamaha Motor USA has made unexpected announcements from Late October to Early November. Throughout the last three weeks, new models in Yamaha’s 2021 lineup have been revealed. The first announcement was forced after an accidental leak, which surrounded the 2021 Yamaha MT-07. Multiple changes in design were revealed in Yamaha’s announcement, with the corporation avoiding additional leaks & revealing the 2021 MT-09.

Motorcycle analysts hadn’t expected that Yamaha would mark the third announcement regarding another model on November 3rd. Press releases from Yamaha showed the MT-03, which similarly has evoked multiple design changes & will likely be a prominent addition to their lineup with the lowest cost available. Alterations to design include updated headlight projects, which share identical similarities with Yamaha’s MT-07 to MT-09. Their cyclopic format is supported with two LED headlamp bulls for front-view lighting. Backlights are projected with two LED Turn Signals.

External upgrades provided for the Yamaha MT-03 include the Michelin Tyres, LCD Panel, and Aluminum Handlebar. Exterior enhancements are complimented with internal components. Motorcyclists driving this bike will notice an output increase of displacement, which is possible via the twin-parallel engine that supports 689cc. Torque & Horsepower is more suitable for motorcyclists with intermediate experience. 75HP is enlisted with Yamaha’s MT-03, with the Torque listed at 50lb.

Additional upgrades made to the Yamaha MT-03s engine include:

  • Air Ducts.
  • Fuel Tank.
  • ECU.
  • Fuel Infection.
  • Exhaust System.

These enhancements are matched perfectly with the 41mm Telescopic Fork Mount, which is complemented by a Monoshock Mount on the back tyres. Wheel sizes are listed at 17 Inches, with Brake Discs supporting 406lbs. This is possible through the inclusion of double Four-Piston Calipers for front-wheel support. Single-Piston Calipers support the back-wheels. Consumers purchasing the Yamaha MT-03 will obtain ABS Breaking, ensuring that this motorcycle can sustain high speeds in the corners. Those wanting to buy the Yamaha MT-03 have to wait until January 2021, with its associated cost being $7,699.00.
It should be mentioned that motorcyclists also have the option of selecting the 07’ or 09’ under Yamaha’s MT Class. Choosing a better model means greater performance & higher speeds.

Yamaha 2021 MT-03 Announced on November 3rd