Yamaha Fans have been long awaiting the arrival of a new middleweight ADV class in their lineup. It was announced in early December that Yamaha would be releasing the Ténéré 700 in 2021 for $9,990.00. It has been numerous years since a new addition to the Ténéré lineup was provided by Yamaha to a European Audience, with the most recent incarnation before this announcement being the World Raid Prototype. Amazingly, Yamaha never stopped selling the Ténéré lineup in North America.

It’s estimated that along with the confirmation announcement on pricing, the bike will be released to Yamaha dealerships in the European Union by 2020 Summer. This will include a full lineup of accessories directly associated with the 2021 Ténéré 700 motorcycle. Expect products like panniers, skid plates, customized paint jobs, exclusive clothing, and helmets with this product lineup.

Design & Specs

When Yamaha confirmed the release of the Ténéré 700 for a European audience, two-colour schemes were revealed. Those include Intensity White and Matte Black. There will also be customizable paint options with select colour availability, allowing for Yamaha to ensure that the Ténéré 700 remains in its rally artform. Those colours include Red, Ceramic Ice, Carbon Black, and Matte Bronze.

When it applies to the specifications regarding the Yamaha Ténéré 700, it’s everything European Fans could desire. This motorcycle maintains a similar design to the MT-07, with an identical 689 CC Parallel Twin Engine. This means motorcyclists will receive 72.4 Horsepower with 9,000 Rpm, which is boasted with 50.2 Pounds of Torque at an additional 6,500 Rpm. Subsequently, the Yamaha Corporation has confirmed that the Ténéré 700 will maintain 346 Kilometres on a 4.2 Gallon. This is the best fuel consumption ever seen on a middleweight ADV motorcycle.

The specification doesn’t stop with just the engine components. 42mm inverted forks are fully adjustable for up to 8.3 inches of travel. The backside of the Yamaha Ténéré 700 is the Rear Shocks, which maintain 7.9 Inches of Travel that are preload adjusted with rebounding damping. There are also two 282mm Front Discs, with an additional 242mm Rear Disc. Both of these components have ABS, with wheel sizes varying between 21 to 18 inches. When it applies to the height of the seat, it comes out to 34.6 inches. This allows for a ground clearance of 9.5 inches, which is high for a middleweight motorcycle. In total, these components and the engine cause this vehicle to weight 450 pounds.

Yamaha Announces 2021 Ténéré