Motorcyclists thrilled by the recent innovations made by “Honda Motorcycles” will rally behind its latest announcement, which revealed a more robust & more powerful iteration of the Honda Rebel 500. Considered the bigger brother, this model is named the Honda Rebel 1100. Motorcyclists anticipating cruiser aesthetics with this cycle be excited to learn the thin & direct stylings known for Honda’s Rebel series are incorporated. It diverges from the cruiser mentality in several prominent ways.

Development of this motorcycle wasn’t focused on flat roads with straight lines. Honda maintained an approach focused on cornering & suspension, giving owners of the Rebel 1100 superior manoeuvrability. Those riding capabilities are complemented with aesthetics that create a classically designed motorcycle. Chrome trims seen across the frame are enhanced with two colour options, Metallic Black & Red Metallic Bordeaux. Aesthetics continue throughout the exhaust system, handlebars, digital instruments, mirrors, rims, and

Power isn’t lacking with the Honda Rebel 1100. Engineers behind internal development included an “African Twin 1.1 Litre Water-Cooled Two-Cylinder Engine”. This created speed that’d be considered for mid-range riders, with 86 horsepower & 72-Pounds of Torque per foot offered. High speeds won’t be seen compared to Ducati’s or Yamahas, but acceleration will be considerably better. Each of the two cylinders output 4,000rpm. That means 8,000rpm is throttled whenever riders are looking to accelerate.

Internal components don’t end exclusively with the engine, as Honda has highlighted the six-speed manual transmission that works alongside mounted shift buttons. Automatic clutches with dual-linked handlebar support is also sustained, providing riders unfamiliar with manual controls a reliable option. Four models are being introduced at the minimum price of $9,750.00. The most expensive Honda Rebel 1100 costs $10,500.00. The four models supported include:

  • Honda Rebel 1100 – Standard.
  • Honda Rebel 1100 – Sport.
  • Honda Rebel 1100 – Rain.
  • Honda Rebel 1100 – Custom User.

Motorcyclists considering the Honda Rebel 1100 can acquire accessories supported directly from the manufacturer. Customised seats, visors, racks, and travel cases are available for an additional cost.

The 2021 Honda Rebel 1100