Gresini Racing Team Boss Hospitalized with Covid

An unfortunate announcement was issued regarding the condition of Fausto Gresini, Team Boss of Gresini Racing in MotoGP. Team personnel confirmed that their leader has been hospitalized with Covid-19. Fausto being hospitalized marks MotoGP’s first known case that resulted in an ICU admission. Outcries of support have poured on Gresini Racing’s social media accounts, with fanatics mentioning their thoughts & prayers towards the health of Fausto.

Information regarding Fausto Gresini’s hospitalized condition wasn’t issued for 72-Hours. It was known he’d contracted the virus days before Christmas, prompting his immediate isolation & removal from participating activities with family. When symptoms appeared to worsen, hospitalisation for Fausto Gresini was issued on December 27th. Team personnel have clarified Fausto remains in positive spirits & believes he’ll recover from Covid-19. Details weren’t issued on which variant of coronavirus that Fausto is sustaining. It’ll be harder for the ageing leader to overcome Covid Variant VUI-2020/21.

Fausto Gresini received admission into the Imola Hospital, Santa Maria Della Scaletta. Medical care required for recovery forced Gresini into transportation from Imola Hospital to Carlo Pizzardi Hospital, Bologna. Treatment is being sustained in specialist wards, where conditional awareness of Fausto’s infection isn’t known publicly. Team personnel issued promises that guarantee’s updates on Fausto Gresini’s medical condition will be provided.

Times of Change

Fausto Gresini being infected comes at horrific times for the long-time team leader. Gresini Racing joined MotoGP in 1997, sustaining independence for 22 years before partnering alongside Honda-Aprilia. The last five years proved undesirable for Fausto Gresini, prompting the team owner & leader into returned independency. Under the possibility that Fausto doesn’t survive his Covid-19 symptoms, it’d be near impossible for subsequent leaders to retrofit Gresini Racing back to independency. Supporters mentioning their outcries on social media hope that Fausto will return & regain Gresini Racing’s former momentum, which dropped notably after partnering alongside Honda.

The 2021 Honda Rebel 1100

Motorcyclists thrilled by the recent innovations made by “Honda Motorcycles” will rally behind its latest announcement, which revealed a more robust & more powerful iteration of the Honda Rebel 500. Considered the bigger brother, this model is named the Honda Rebel 1100. Motorcyclists anticipating cruiser aesthetics with this cycle be excited to learn the thin & direct stylings known for Honda’s Rebel series are incorporated. It diverges from the cruiser mentality in several prominent ways.

Development of this motorcycle wasn’t focused on flat roads with straight lines. Honda maintained an approach focused on cornering & suspension, giving owners of the Rebel 1100 superior manoeuvrability. Those riding capabilities are complemented with aesthetics that create a classically designed motorcycle. Chrome trims seen across the frame are enhanced with two colour options, Metallic Black & Red Metallic Bordeaux. Aesthetics continue throughout the exhaust system, handlebars, digital instruments, mirrors, rims, and

Power isn’t lacking with the Honda Rebel 1100. Engineers behind internal development included an “African Twin 1.1 Litre Water-Cooled Two-Cylinder Engine”. This created speed that’d be considered for mid-range riders, with 86 horsepower & 72-Pounds of Torque per foot offered. High speeds won’t be seen compared to Ducati’s or Yamahas, but acceleration will be considerably better. Each of the two cylinders output 4,000rpm. That means 8,000rpm is throttled whenever riders are looking to accelerate.

Internal components don’t end exclusively with the engine, as Honda has highlighted the six-speed manual transmission that works alongside mounted shift buttons. Automatic clutches with dual-linked handlebar support is also sustained, providing riders unfamiliar with manual controls a reliable option. Four models are being introduced at the minimum price of $9,750.00. The most expensive Honda Rebel 1100 costs $10,500.00. The four models supported include:

  • Honda Rebel 1100 – Standard.
  • Honda Rebel 1100 – Sport.
  • Honda Rebel 1100 – Rain.
  • Honda Rebel 1100 – Custom User.

Motorcyclists considering the Honda Rebel 1100 can acquire accessories supported directly from the manufacturer. Customised seats, visors, racks, and travel cases are available for an additional cost.

Gresini Racing Goes Independent for 2022 MotoGP Season

Financial burdens associated with the pandemic has forced changes to almost all sporting franchises worldwide, with partnerships sustaining decades being cancelled & new agreements being formalized. Motorsports have witnessed multiple changes for 2020, with MotoGP experiencing it’s latest through Gresini Racing. Gresini Racing issued announcements that they’re adopting an independent status for 2022.

Decades have passed since Gresini Racing entered MotoGP Racing, with the team never sustaining an independent status since 1997. This motorsport outfit entered MotoGP in 1997, racing as Honda’s Satellite team. Partnership agreements between Honda & Gresini were eliminated by 2015. That’s when Aprilia Racing contacted Gresini, formulating a new contract agreement.

Gresini Racing became the Factory Team for Aprilia Racing & held that placement for five years. Strategic alterations for Aprilia’s MotoGP future were altered after Covid-19 became an international pandemic. It’s been determined by leading personnel at Aprilia that a brand-new outfit is required. Italian engineers & mechanics are being employed with the updated version of Aprilia, which will arrive by 2022.

Announcements issued by Gresini Racing extended towards their continued placement in MotoGP. Confirmations were made that Gresini & MotoGP have signed an agreement that sustains the team’s station until 2026. Agreement details highlighted Gresini would become an independent outfit, which means engineers & mechanics will create competitive motorcycles without the assistance of third-party manufacturers. All development will be completed internally.

The 2020 MotoGP Campaign for Gresini Racing

Gresini Racing witnessed highs & lows throughout the 2020 MotoGP Campaign, with their primary driver receiving a prolonged suspension from Dorna Sports (Owners of MotoGP). Andrea Iannone was found guilty of using doping techniques to gain an advantage over the competition. Dorna Sports punished Andrea Iannone with a four-year ban. Appeals were made by Gresini Racing with the “World Anti-Doping Agency”, with all being rejected.

Luck was gifted to this motorsport outfit when Lorenzo Savadori & Bradley Smith replaced Andrea Iannone in various Grand Prix’s. Those drivers would perform better than Andrea Iannone without doping techniques. Details regarding which of these two riders is returning Andrea Iannone in 2021 hasn’t been revealed, meaning Alexis Espargaro’s partner still isn’t known. Whoever partners alongside Espargaro will become a formidable rival.

KTM 125 Duke Updated for India

Selecting motorcycles for travelling is becoming standard in unexpected markets, like the United Kingdom & Mexico. No nation sustained greater growth than India at 16.8% for 2020, with production volumes increasing in India at 40.2%. Largescale corporations adopting India into their strategic operations has created burst-bubbles, with thousands of employment opportunities arising & thousands of motorcycles being sold nationwide.

Multiple automotive manufacturers have announced their latest models for 2021, supporting exclusive models for Indian motorcyclists. The newest manufacturer releasing an updated two-wheel is KTM, who confirmed that the KTM 125 Duke is being upgraded for 2021. Motorcyclists throughout India adopted this motorcycle, with more than 50,000 sold last year. Higher volumes were seen in 2018, which prompted KTM Designers to renovate how the 125 Duke looks & performs. It should be mentioned this marks the first external design changes since 2016, with the 125 Duke Lineup starting it’s “Kiska Design” with the 1290 Super-Duke R.

Design & Performance Details

Images showcasing the “2021 KTM 125 Duke” indicate notable changes in styling. Body plans have been altered alongside the steel trellis frame & subframe, sharing similarities to other models released for KTMs 2021 lineup. Additional changes include an updated headlight, which supporters’ angular elements & daytime-running functionality support. The fuel tank has increased in size, with framework lining consistent with the headlights angular design. Premier steel body panels encapsulate the fuel tank, a significant upgrade from last years model, which support plastic panelling.

Riders shouldn’t anticipate manufacturing alterations with the KTM Duke 125, with this model supporting lower engine outputs & meant for beginning riders learning how to engage with motorcycles. KTM has a minimal opportunity in updating the internals without risking an easy setup for beginners. This means that the 125cc Single-Cylinder Engine returns with the standard 14.3 Horsepower.

Furthermore, lower costs associated with this motorcycle couldn’t be sustained with upgrades. Consumers have widely adopted KTMs 125 Duke because of it’s Rs 7,000.00 cost, which is $94.99 USD. It’s the perfect motorcycle for individuals supporting lower salaries in India, which has become an unfortunate reality with growing populations. Creating vehicles that cost Rs 7,000.00 means the average citizen can travel beyond eans of the foot.

PIM Expo 2021 Schedule Revealed

The Covid-19 pandemic enforced multiple cancellations of largescale expositions, with organizers having to oblige government restrictions & avoid an outbreak of Covid. “The Progressive International Motorcycle Show” in 2020 was cancelled, with PIM Expo confirming they’d return for 2021. Regular attendees were anticipating standard formatting to this exposition, meaning indoor & outdoor displays for ticketholders. That is changing next year to account for the continuing pandemic, with the expositions namesake also being altered. Regular attendees were given the schedule for “2021s Progressive IMS Outdoors Event”.

Strategic approaches are being sustained with the reformatted expositions. PIM Expo will visit nine locations in America between June to October 2021. Scheduling is formatted based on weather systems in the United States. The Northern States will house these expos during the Summer, with the Southern States following in the fall. Organizers mentioned that PIM Expo being reformatted might benefit the event long-term, creating more engagement with attendee motorcycles & outdoor environments nearby. Pleasant experiences could unfold in these outdoor locations.

Progressive IMS Outdoors has guaranteed visitors that availability in “Demo Rides” will be broadened, accounting for physical distancing measures associated with Covid-19. All motorcycles tested by attendees will receive immediate sanitation after that user’s departure. Multiple vehicles are available for testing. Those include:

  • Recreational Petrol Motorcycles.
  • Electric Bicycles.
  • Electric Scooters.
  • Electric Motorcycles.

Musical performances from local musicians account for the entertainment & dining opportunities are being eliminated to avoid an outbreak. Organizers have recommended that attendees pack lunches for day-long excursions to the expo.

The American International Motorcycle Expo

Progressive IMS Outdoors announcing reformatting of their exposition places pressure onto other events in the United States. It’s expected that the AIM Expo 2021 will implement similar formatting to PIM. However, no official announcements have been issued by the American International Motorcycle Association. There is minimal opportunity to make an announcement, with AIM Expo 2021 beginning in January. Some are questioning if AIMA isn’t considering physical distancing, which would inflict major outbreaks of Covid-19 in Ohio.

American motorcyclists are guaranteed one exposition that requires physical distancing & facemasks. Individuals interested in attending 2021 Progressive IMS Outdoors can purchase tickets online.

Aprilia Racing Announces 2021 Driver Lineup

MotoGP’s 2020 Campaign has neared its end, prompting teams to announce their driver lineup before concluding this years season. The latest driver lineup confirmation comes from Aprilia Racing, which confirmed three racers would compete this year. Speculation from MotoGP analysts indicates that the role of “Secondary Rider” will be helmed by two individuals, which hasn’t been seen in MotoGP for years.

Driver strategies for 2021 with Aprilia Racing didn’t initially account for three riders. Aprilia was forced into changing its strategy when Andrea Iannone was suspended from MotoGP for four years. Andrea Iannone was found guilty of administering himself steroids in October 2020, prompting his immediate removal from Aprilia Racing. Strategists determined that two riders could fill the unexpected void, with those individuals being Bradley Smith & Lorenzo Savadori.

Supporters of Aprilia Racing have been disappointed by the revelation of Lorenzo & Bradley being selected. Those riders weren’t fanfare favourites for Andrea Iannone’s replacement. Cal Crutchlow was the hopeful selection, with negotiations between the Crutchlow Camp & Aprilia Racing never reaching fruition. Andrea Dovizioso was the 2nd favourite for selection but couldn’t be contacted after the rider announced his sabbatical for 2021. It led Aprilia Racing to select the two younger drivers of Bradley Smith & Lorenzo Savadori an opportunity for “Secondary Rider”.

Young Drivers to the Rescue

Aprilia Racing confirmed that younger drivers are being brought into their racing directive, noting that long-term growth in MotoGP is possible via that strategy. It wouldn’t be until November 23rd that Aprilia Racing confirmed that Bradley Smith & Lorenzo Savadori are competing on the same team. However, Aprilia Racing clarified that these men would switch between “Secondary Driver” and “Test Rider”.

CEO Massimo Rivola of Aprilia Racing clarified that young riders are being provided with an opportunity. Leading members of Aprilia Racing felt that exciting results could be evoked through young drivers over a short timeframe. CEO Massimo Rivola noted that these drivers need convincing to join MotoGP, that initially they didn’t believe themselves ready for the motorsport. After private testing held from public knowledge, Bradley Smith & Lorenz

Joan Mir Wins 2020 MotoGP Championship

The 2020 MotoGP Championship has finalized after November 15th Valencia Grand Prix. The victor maintained a horrendous race but sustained a higher number of points, enabling his 7th placement to accumulate the required score for the championship victory. Joan Mir from Suzuki wasn’t thrilled with his performance at Valencia, which would prove his most challenging race of 2020. How the Grand Prix played out is symbolic of Suzuki’s history in MotoGP, with the team coming close numerous times to the constructor’s championship. After twenty years without winning a MotoGP season, Suzuki ended their losing streak in a manner that’d see six other passing the finish line before Joan Mir at Valencia.

Reporters with MotoGP spoke to Suzuki’s Joan Mir after the Valencia Grand Prix concluded, with the motorcyclist admitting that “Ricardo Tormo Circuit” made him suffer throughout the race & that he couldn’t explain what about the track evoked a change in driving capability. Joan Mir mentioned that his experience was nightmarish, creating challenges harder than any other seen in 2020. Sentiments from Joan Mir finalized by saying he’ll forget the Valencia Grand Prix and focus on Suzuki’s first championship in MotoGP.

Suzuki’s Joan Mir shouldn’t challenge his driving capabilities, with the champion maintains notable moments during the Valencia Grand Prix & still performing admirably overtakes competing drivers couldn’t stop that. Suzuki engineers guaranteed that whatever issued were experienced by Joan Mir will be solved before the next Grand Prix. It should be clarified that Joan Mir is the 6th driver in MotoGP to take the victory of the championship while competing under a Suzuki engine. It’ll historically be remembered that Joan Mir accomplished this task on the 60th anniversary of Suzuki entering motorsport racing.

It’s been an uphill battle for Suzuki Factory Team in MotoGP, which returned to the motorsport in 2015. Four seasons were taken for hiatus to evaluate Suzuki’s racing program, which followed after the horrendous season of 2011. Taking championship victory six seasons later at the same circuit is influential for Suzuki. It shows program directors that efforts for the last five years are beginning to pay off. Additional Champions under the “Suzuki Motorsport Racing Program” include:

  • Barry Sheene.
  • Franco Uncini.
  • Kenny Roberts Junior.
  • Marco Lucchinelli.
  • Kevin Schwantz.

Valentino Rossi Cleared for the Valencia GP

The Valencia Grand Prix on November 15th will see Valentino Rossi return to his racing seat, with the championship-winning driver having been sidelined for two GPs following his positive infection of coronavirus. Valentino Rossi wasn’t permitted to resume racing for Yamaha MotoGP Factory Team until two negative tests were sustained. Days before the race, Rossi proved himself cleared of Covid-19 & was permitted by Dorna Sports to enter the practice sessions.

The Yamaha MotoGP Factory Team have suffered a never-ending losing battle to the coronavirus. Multiple members of their organization have contracted the virus, forcing critical aspects of team operations to suffer. When Valentino Rossi was confirmed to have Covid-19, expectations were that Yamaha would enhance their physical distancing protocols. Nothing has changed & members of the factory team continue to contract Covid-19.

Valentino Rossi wasn’t permitted to compete at the first & second Aragon Grand Prix’s in 2020. He initially tested positive days after competing in France, with his infection period sustaining longer than two weeks. Supporters were delighted when Valentino Rossi was cleared of Covid-19 days before the European Grand Prix, allowing him to compete on the grid. When Valentino Rossi returned to his home nation of Italy a day later, Italian healthcare found that he maintained a small viral load of coronavirus. It forced an additional two tests for Valentino Rossi, where the November 11th PCR Covid test appeared negative. It’s enabled his clearance to compete at the Valencia GP.

Problems Continue for Yamaha

Speculation suggests that Valentino Rossi’s incorrect test results prompted additional personnel at Yamaha to contract the virus. It’s known that five individuals aren’t permitted at the Valencia Grand Prix this November 15th. That includes Massimo Meregalli, the Team Manager of Yamaha. He contracted the virus days ago & now requires two weeks of quarantine. His close contact with Valentino Rossi almost confirms that his primary driver is the reasoning for infection.

It should be clarified that since October 2020, ten individuals with Yamaha have contracted the coronavirus. Their team has experienced more infections than any other on the MotoGP grid. Readers shouldn’t expect Valentino Rossi & Yamaha to perform admirably against Honda this weekend, with the reasoning being the lack of their Team Manager.

Yamaha 2021 MT-03 Announced on November 3rd

Yamaha Motor USA has made unexpected announcements from Late October to Early November. Throughout the last three weeks, new models in Yamaha’s 2021 lineup have been revealed. The first announcement was forced after an accidental leak, which surrounded the 2021 Yamaha MT-07. Multiple changes in design were revealed in Yamaha’s announcement, with the corporation avoiding additional leaks & revealing the 2021 MT-09.

Motorcycle analysts hadn’t expected that Yamaha would mark the third announcement regarding another model on November 3rd. Press releases from Yamaha showed the MT-03, which similarly has evoked multiple design changes & will likely be a prominent addition to their lineup with the lowest cost available. Alterations to design include updated headlight projects, which share identical similarities with Yamaha’s MT-07 to MT-09. Their cyclopic format is supported with two LED headlamp bulls for front-view lighting. Backlights are projected with two LED Turn Signals.

External upgrades provided for the Yamaha MT-03 include the Michelin Tyres, LCD Panel, and Aluminum Handlebar. Exterior enhancements are complimented with internal components. Motorcyclists driving this bike will notice an output increase of displacement, which is possible via the twin-parallel engine that supports 689cc. Torque & Horsepower is more suitable for motorcyclists with intermediate experience. 75HP is enlisted with Yamaha’s MT-03, with the Torque listed at 50lb.

Additional upgrades made to the Yamaha MT-03s engine include:

  • Air Ducts.
  • Fuel Tank.
  • ECU.
  • Fuel Infection.
  • Exhaust System.

These enhancements are matched perfectly with the 41mm Telescopic Fork Mount, which is complemented by a Monoshock Mount on the back tyres. Wheel sizes are listed at 17 Inches, with Brake Discs supporting 406lbs. This is possible through the inclusion of double Four-Piston Calipers for front-wheel support. Single-Piston Calipers support the back-wheels. Consumers purchasing the Yamaha MT-03 will obtain ABS Breaking, ensuring that this motorcycle can sustain high speeds in the corners. Those wanting to buy the Yamaha MT-03 have to wait until January 2021, with its associated cost being $7,699.00.
It should be mentioned that motorcyclists also have the option of selecting the 07’ or 09’ under Yamaha’s MT Class. Choosing a better model means greater performance & higher speeds.

The Yamaha MT-09 Leaked

An unfortunate leak has stricken the Yamaha Company, with their 2021 MT-09 being leaked via several Eurasia publications. The October 27th leak confirmed that Yamaha is introducing an updated model for the MT Lineup, which has been available for a decade with this model. Multiple design alterations have been implemented from what’s viewable in leaked photos. This included an updated headlight, which supports aggressive aesthetics similar to the Yamaha MT-03. Additional design components that’ve been updated include the fuel tank, which is integrated into the curtains. This enables a higher fitting on the horizontal-lateral frame pillars.

Yamaha has opted to redesign the MT-09s aluminium frame & radiator frame, permitting lighter weight to the motorcycle. This will allow better cornering at high speeds & downforce sustainability on straight-line paths. The Yamaha Company have also updated the ankle guard plates & high rigidity swingarm, giving better manoeuvrability. This has all been accomplished with updated dimensions for the 2021 Yamaha MT-09, which adds 00.4-Inches onto the frame length. However, thanks to lighter-weight materials, it’s eight pounds less than the 2019 model. The total weight for the MT-09 is now 417lbs, which is manoeuvrable in accidental scenarios.

Motorcyclists familiar with the Yamaha MT-09 Series known that 2018 saw an introduction the Euro5 Engine, which has capabilities to outperform expectations with greater displacement. Owners will receive an 890cc Engine that supported 117HP at 10,000 Rpm. That speed is met with torque listed at 68.6 Pounds-Per-Foot at 7,000 Rpm. It should be mentioned that Yamaha has updated the fuel delivery system, compression ratio, six-speed transmission, and slipper clutch to account for the higher speeds.

Yamaha R1 Copied with MT-09

The Yamaha Company have introduced components from other motorcycles in their lineup. New features included the Accelerator Position Sensor Grip & Yamaha Chip Control Throttle, which is ported from the Yamaha R1. What these two components permit is better leveraging of the shifting mechanics on handlebars. Getting through the gears won’t be challenging with Yamaha’s introduction of the APSG and YCCT on the MT-09. From these components, motorcyclists can expect better brake control, lift control, slide control, and traction control. Consumers can purchase the 2021 Yamaha MT-09 for $9,399.00 in January 2021.