The Suzuki V-Storm 1050XT Review

Consumers supporting the Suzuki motorcycle brand have a new Enduro Tourer in the lineup. Named the Suzuki V-Storm 1050XT, multiple upgrades were confirmed for this upcoming model. Most notable were the design alterations, with the headlights are reformatted and the beaks appearing more reminiscent to the DR-Z. Nostalgia is a substantial element with the V-Storm 1050XT, with its maximum height being the minimum 50mm. Those wanting customization elements have a rotatable windscreen that can be implemented into eleven positions. Additional enhancements to this model into the LCD Instruments, LED Taillight and Ergonomic Display.

The engine-block powering this Enduro Tourer is the 1037cc V-Twin, which is listed at 107hp at a maximum rpm of 8500. Torque is listed at 6000rpm at 73.8 pounds-per-foot. This provides extensive power in short periods, with the powertrain providing immediate torque to the throttle, giving sensitive controls over the speed. Individuals wanting a lightweight motorcycle with formidable turning capabilities and stronger straight-line speeds, with the added benefit of classic designs, don’t have to look any further. It should be noted that this vehicle comes with specialized features like a Three-Tier Drive Mode Selector, Hill Hold Controls, Slope Dependent Controls, Motion Brake Systems and Three Traction Control settings. This allows for increased customization on how your V-Storm 1050XT will ride.

The Ride

The 2020 Suzuki V-Storm 1050XT is one of the fastest and most pleasurable Enduro Tourer’s available to consumers. It follows similar design factors to its predecessor, such as the lightweight cornering and mid-range height. It creates driving scenarios that most motorcycle brands cannot provide, with Suzuki learning substantial data from their presence in MotoGP. Specialized technologies like electronic throttles deliver increased boosts to acceleration, with peak RPMs being hit within seconds.

These elements brought over from the Suzuki MotoGP outfit will enable riders to have better racing capabilities. The Suzuki Company is provided special notices to anybody purchasing this motorcycle, asking them to master the manual and customize their controls to various scenarios. Others accidents will be more likely for riders unfamiliar with all the 1050XTs benefits.

Drivers have better performances when it applies to drag racing and to come out the corners, which will benefit those in standard racing leagues. Standard drivers taking rides in unfavourable conditions don’t have to worry about safety either, with Motion brake Systems that are more enhanced than typical ABS systems. These efficient components create one of the highest-rated motorcycles throughout the 2020 fiscal year. We give the 2020 Suzuki V-Storm 1050XT an 8/10 rating.

Ducati Unveils New Superleggera

After months of speculation regarding the 2020 Ducati Lineup, their latest model has finally been unveiled. Named the 2020 Panigale V4 Superleggera, this is slated to be one of the most expensive and exclusive motorcycles built by Ducati. It’s been known for a prolonged period that Ducati was implementing a carbon-fibre model, as manufacturing blueprints were leaked by October 2019.

Design elements relating to those blueprints indicated an updated model of the Panigale V4, which had been requested by Ducati loyalists. There are minimal differences in comparison to this model and its predecessor with detailed intel provided to Ducati Executives through an email chain. The link relating to the Panigale V4 Superleggera was leaked this weak, providing the public information regarding pricing and specifications.

Design & Engine Specifications

Implemented aerodynamics with this upcoming model are unlike anything the Ducati Panigale brand has seen. Design implementations from the Superleggera series mixed with the carbon-fibre body are enabling for increased speeds. Biplane winglets allow optimal downforce to produce significant straight-line speeds and improved cornering. It’ll be the fastest model in the Panigale brands history, listed at 168mphs or 270kmh.

When it applies to design implications, the livery is inspired by the Desmosedici GP19. Engine specifications include a 998cc engine clocked at 224hph used the V4 Stradale Engine. The weight reductions provided with magnesium, titanium, aluminium and carbon fibre for manufacturing has allowed this vehicle to weight 350 pounds. Subsequently, the power-to-weight ratio is the best seen with Ducati. The Panigale V4 Superleggera offers loyalists a 1.45 hp/kg ratio.

When looking to the specifications for additional parts on the Panigale V4 Superleggera, consumers will be thrilled to learn that Ohlins Pressurized Forks & Titanium Shocks are used in correlation with Brembo Brakes. Callipers are created by Stylema R, with a racing kit option available for this model from Akrapovic. This will increase power capabilities to 234hph and increased control over the vehicle via a RaceGP Display.

Those wanting to purchase this motorcycle will need an extensive amount of money, with limited united being built. The Panigale V4 Superleggera costs $100,000.00 for the base model and can increase by an additional $50,000.00 with all bundles included. There’ll be an exclusive 500 models created, at five models built per day. The House of Borgo Panigale and the Ducati Company confirmed that this motorcycle wouldn’t be released until June 2020. Delays could follow depending on their manufacturing facilities capabilities.

Bajaj Auto India & Triumph Motorcycles Partner Together

Fans were surprised to learn that Triumph Motorcycles and Baja Auto India have partnered together. This partnership will be long term without any equity involved, with the two corporations working to develop mid-capacity motorcycles. Triumph Motorcycles will have better fortunes when emerging in new markets. Famous in the United Kingdom, Triumph has struggled to grow in the Middle East and North America. It should be noted that these two corporations have previously worked with each other.

Both corporations have their respective strengths in the motorcycle markets, with Triumph having a more significant focus on large-capacity motorcycles. The Baja Auto India Company engaged with small-capacity motorcycles, as their respective environments demands for compact vehicles. Baja typically designs models that maintain 200cc to 750cc engines, that have small-scale bodies and off-road capable shocks. These elements are required for the narrow streets of India, which have thousands of people bustling around each other. Creating motorcycles for this environment isn’t Triumph’s strong suit, which is why this partnership will benefit their international growth drastically.

Triumph Motorcycles confirmed that they’d be taking a new direction following a less-than-desirable performance throughout 2018-19. Triumph performed at respective valuations in Europe and the United Kingdom but drastically failed in global markets. Triumph UK will focus entirely on big-capacity models, with Triumph International focusing on small-scale bodies. It’s quite impressive to see two companies reinvent themselves for the benefit of consumers. Instead of developing unsatisfactory vehicles, their partnership will educate both companies on how to enhance their shortcomings. When it applies to Baja India, they’ve failed when it comes to quality and finishes. Considering that Triumph Motorcycles excels with those two manufacturing processes, Baja India will receive numerous benefits from this partnership as well.


This follows a strategic partnership that is benefiting Baja India more than Triumph International. Moving forward, Baja will become the leading distributor for the international subsidiary of Triumph. Additionally, all distribution activities and profits from Triumph in the Indian market will be taken over by Baja Auto India. Considering that this UK-Based motorcycle firm has seen declining profits, this partnership seems like one last Hail Mary towards a new resurgence. We will continue to update our readers on the future growth or decline of Triumph Motorcycles throughout 2020.

New Triumph Tiger 1200s

Throughout the winter is the time when motorcyclists plan their next adventures for the upcoming summer season. However, often a new motorcycle is required for these excursions. Triumph Motorcycles hopes to entice you with two new models, which were confirmed earlier this month. Both models are designed after the Tiger 1200, with experiences slated to be more adventurous and exciting. One model is named the Tiger Desert 1200 XR, with the second named the Tiger Snowdonia 1200 XC. Both are manufactured for specific environments, with their respective paint schemes providing camouflage. Consumers that purchase either of these models can anticipate metallized graphics, enabling for designs to battle against the elements.

Multiple components from the original Tiger 1200 are provided into the XR & XC Classes. This includes the Triumph Shift Assist, allowing for easier upshifts and downshifts on the clutch. It’ll work similarly to the Triumph Shift Assist, which is also available for these models as an additional add-on accessory. Purchasing the enhanced clutch for the Desert XR or Snowdonia XC will require $495.00 from consumers. Regardless of the clutch selected, an Arrow Exhaust will compliment it. This’ll allow for peak performance with the 1213cc Liquid-Cooled Engine offered in all variations of the Triumph Tiger. This engine provides 141 horsepower, with an additional ninety pounds of torque. Enhancing the liquid-cooled engine is a fuel-injected swingarm shaft drive. Power from the clutch to the wheel hasn’t ever been this efficient on a six-speed transmission.

The suspension is sustained with an anti-lock brake system, allowing for immediate stops in worst-case scenarios. Owners of the XR or XC Triumph Tiger’s will have a TFT Screen; this will provide all information required on the performance of these motorcycles and the rider’s surroundings. These 2020 updates models also have six modes for riding, allowing for different environments to be approached.

The Associated Costs

Those wanting to acquire one of these updated Triumph motorcycles will require $4,000.00 for the base-line versions. Most reviewers believe that an additional two to four thousand will be spent on upgrading the suspension, cast-line wheels, silencers and specialized seating. These are the necessary upgrades that’ll be required for most riders. Numerous special editions of this bike can be created by Triumph Motorcycles, with this manufacturer often doing custom jobs for paying clients. Subsequently, prices could cost upwards of $10,000.00 to $15,000.00. However, Triumph Motorcycles with customized builds are an investment that can wield substantial profits over a prolonged period.

The Hypersport from Damon Motorcycles

The Consumer Electronics Show in 2020 brought significant announcements to the Motorcycle Industry. Various motorcycles were announced, with new gear following for those respective vehicles. When it applies to electric motorcycles, CES has begun the most significant venue to unveil new models. The most recent model released at the Consumers Electronics Show was the Damon Motorcycles Hypersport, which is anticipated to cost $25,000.00 in the United States of America. It should be called the Hypersport 200, as it features a top speed of 200mph and 200 electric battery horsepower This extends its range to a maximum of 200 miles on a highway range, and 300 within a city.

The first aspect that should be noted about the Hypersport is its substantial battery. The haul of this vehicle is the electric engine, which has carbon fibre panelling wrapped around its structure. Subsequently, this creates a considerable safety hazard in the incident of an ongoing collision. The electric battery could become corrupted and force an explosion, which would be the equivalent of TNT Dynamite exploding. Damon Motorcycles confirmed that they’d implemented a computer-based component that internally shutdown the battery with a small EMP. This component is initiated whenever the battery is comprised and at risk of explosion. Riders should be protected from this specific feature, which is a first for electric-based motorcycles.

Additional Details

Damon Motorcycles confirmed during their announcement at CES 2020 that the Hypersport would manage 60mphs in less than three seconds. This would be accomplishable with less than three hours of battery remaining. This manufacturer also noted that the standard model would weigh 1,120lbs and the premium model 500lbs. This is because the standard Hypersport has a metallized structure, with the premium edition supporting a carbon fibre frame. Those wanting to purchase the premium model will require $40,000.00. Purchasing this model allows for better components, which include Brembo Brakes and the Ohlins Suspension. It should be noted that a maximum of twenty-five premier models is being manufactured, making them a limited product.

Those interested in purchasing the Damon Motorcycles Hypersport or learn additional information regarding its production, visit its official webpage. Consumers will notice Damon Motorcycles unwavering commitment to providing the maximum potential for motorcyclists, while also reducing the number of crashes. This is what prompts the specialized engine-component. There are also new technologies implemented into the Hypersport, such as a Co-Pilot system that enables an onboard computer to take over whenever the vehicle has lost control. Numerous AI-enabled cameras will manage this safety protocol.

Harley-Davidson 350 Debuting in June 2020

The Harley Davidson Corporation has been expanding its products worldwide since 2017. New rumours indicate that Harley Davidson is acquiring a new market, with that being China. This information comes after the corporation greenlights the Harley Davidson 350, which resembles a similar product they previously released in this region. The 350” is meant to combat the Street 500, which was released in 2018. Consumers requested that a smaller motorcycle be released, allowing for riders to navigate the various small pathways and roads maintained in China. It’s anticipated that in the coming weeks, Harley Davidson will hold a press conference to announce the new model officially. Research regarding previous launches indicates that the Harley Davidson 350 will release in June 2020. Expect an announcement to be made in the Guangdong Province.

Specifications & Details

Harley Davidson is maintaining their classic colour scheme for this long-awaited traversal motorcycle. Individuals connected to employees at Harley noted that this motorcycle is named HD338 by factory standards, not by the HD350 for public knowledge. The alteration for its product name created enhanced security, ensuring that documents wouldn’t be publicly released. Unfortunately, this slight alteration wasn’t enough. This is why it’s known that the Harley Davidson 350 will maintain the Benelli 350cc Twin-Cylinder Engine. Furthermore, it’s supposed to shame the same chassis and braking components as well. These specifications come from several sources, which indicate that Harley-Davidson is only altering the suspension and body-work for the HD350.

Analysts have begun to speculate if the Harley Davidson corporation will launch this product in additional markets, with their best opportunities coming in nations like Italy and India. It should be noted that the Harley Davidson Street 750 has sold admirably in China, which extends to profitable sales with the Street 500. The only challenge that Harley Davidson faces going forward is competition with Benelli, who are slated to release two new models for the Chinese market in 2020. Regardless, the Harley Davidson 350 will be an incredible motorcycle for a reasonable price in the 2020 market.

Leakers provided additional details, where they noted that both the front and rear brakes would maintain discs, allowing for increased assistance when braking at fast speeds. The 350 also offers Dual Channel ABS, which is complement by the Pass Switch feature. All types manufactured in correlation with the Harley Davidson 350 will maintain tubeless tyres, providing better traction for cornering and braking. Subsequently, this model is correctly built to handle the Chinese environment.

Marc Marquez’s Brother Joins MotoGP

One of the most significant announcements made at the end of the MotoGP 2019 Season was that Alex Marquez would replace Jorge Lorenzo. This announcement came after Jorge Lorenzo confirmed his retirement mid-season, which saw the sport lose one of their greatest champions in history. Immediately the Repsol Honda Team acquired Alex Marquez, who stands as the champion for Moto2. This marks the first instance that two brothers have driven for the same team. It’s known that this young racer plans on becoming the Top Rookie for MotoGP 2020, with him fighting for championship contention against his brother.

Throughout the post-season testing in Valencia, Alex received his first ride on the Honda RC213V. This occurred in November, with fans eagerly awaiting a potential announcement on the younger Marquez. Repsol Honda made a social media post on Instagram and Facebook, confirming that Alex would take a seat. However, it’s not known how long his contract with HRC will remain going forward. The challenge now is learning everything required with MotoGP, which must be accomplished throughout a small space of time.

The young Alex Marquez confirmed that he isn’t worrying about positions with his first few races. His goal at the beginning of the season is to understand the bike, build his confidence, and then begin fighting for contention. Considering that Alex Marquez hasn’t ever competed with these motorcyclists, it’ll be challenging for him to predict positions or overtaking opportunities for the first half of the season.

Alex Speaks with Reporters

Alex Marquez noted in recent interviews that his target after winning the Moto2 Championship was to receive a position with Repsol Honda. He expressed that Honda maintains a significant amount of history with the MotoGP paddock and that he will do everything in his power to perform admirably. Alex is lucky where he can learn from his older brother, the reigning champion for MotoGP. Marc Marquez could create a second legendary driver by assisting his younger brother.

Alex confirmed that Marc and himself would regularly engage in the garage. They both have their separate teams within Repsol Honda and must focus entirely on the situation at hand. However, this doesn’t mean that Alex can’t receive help from his older brother during other moments. Sporting analysts with MotoGP anticipate that Alex Marquez will be champion in five years, with the brothers regularly competing against one another. We will keep our readers informed on the growth of Alex Marquez in the 2020 MotoGP season.

The Harley Davidson Pan America 1250

The Harley-Davidson Corporation has begun to alter their standard motorcycles, moving into the modern era of riding. Their first of this new era was the 2021 Pan America, which has quietly been developed in an unnamed manufacturing plant. The company has taken its time to release information on this upcoming motorcycle, that was until this month when information regarding the Pan America 1250 was finally unveiled.

What’s known about the Pan America is its design as it is one that captures the hearts and minds for motorcyclists worldwide. Lifelong fans of Harley Davidson have expressed their discontent with this design, which is a stark contrast from what is typically displayed. The modern elements provided in the Pan America 1250 doesn’t stray far away from the Harley Davidson design, allowing for it to sit perfectly amongst their lineup. Overall, it’s a motorcycle that’s front-end heavy with a muscular approach in design.

The Specifications

Harley Davidson provided information at the EICMA 2019 Expo on the Pan America 1250 Specification. It was revealed that a V-Twin Revolution Max Engine would be maintained, offering two displacement sizes. This will include a 975cc model, which will be complemented by the more powerful 1250cc model. The more powerful model will enable 145 horsepower, with an additional ninety pounds of torque. Unfortunately, the specifications for the suspension and brakes weren’t provided. What was confirmed is that Harley Davidson collaborated with the Brembo Company to built new four-piston monobloc calibres. It should be noted that Michelin is also creating specialized tires for the Pan America 1250.

The Cost

Another critical piece of information that wasn’t revealed at the expo was Pan America’s associated cost. It’s unknown if the Harley Davidson corporation will price this vehicle in the lower-end of $15,000.00 or the higher-end of $20,000.00. Analysts have begun to decipher the internals and specifications released, their associated costs for consumers, and baseline costs for manufacturers. Subsequently, these analysts anticipate a cost of $17,000.00 to $17,999.00.

Harley Davidson hasn’t provided any associated details on the available accessories or their costs. Individuals considering pre-orders aren’t aware of what additional tanks are available for purchase, if suspension packages are available and if saddle heights can be altered for a cost. Analysts expect that Harley Davidson will release the full lineup of associated prices in Spring 2020. Being this is the first adventure bike from Harley Davidson, it cost to be one of their biggest sellers in 2020.

Ninebot Unveils Electronic Motorcycle

Motorcycling, as an industry, is changing drastically with the slow removal of gas and diesel-powered motorcycles. There has been a tidal shift towards electronic-powered vehicles worldwide, including the motorcycle. One corporation that’s looking to get an early start on the competition is Segway, who has released multiple new models throughout 2019. Now the company is expanding those models through their subsidiary Ninebot, who are creating newly reformed motorcycles that could work in any environment.

This information was released earlier this month at the Consumers Electronic Show. This conference is typically designated for products like mobile phones, television sets, personal computers, and video game consoles. The arrival of Ninebot with Segway marks the first time that CES had a motorcycle showcase. Two models were displayed, including an Electronic Motorcycle and Scooter. The cycle resembles a sports-action bike, with it being named the Apex Concept. The design for this concept vehicle more resembles a Ducati or Yamaha than it does previous iterations from the Segway Corporation.

Limited Details

Unfortunately, there haven’t been many details provided over these two upcoming vehicles. However, it’s known that the Electronic Scooter will be the fastest in its category, reaching speeds of 125 mph. Segway and Ninebot confirmed that this scooter would make sixty kilometres in 2.9 seconds, which will rival the pace of their motorcycle. Subsequently, this marks the two fastest products ever released by this company, with representatives confirming that additional information will come in the following days.

The Apex Motorcycle resembles its scooter counterpart in terms of specifications. It features a white-painted colour scheme with a small-scale battery under the driver seat. Maximum distance varies between 60 to 80 Miles, depending on how charged the motorcycle is. Weighting on the electronic scooter drops this distance to 55 to 60 miles, which is familiar with this form factor. Unfortunately, both of these motorcycles just entered the final stages of internal development. Production isn’t estimated to begin until March 2020, with pre-orders being accepted now. We recommend that our readers don’t invest in Segway’s new products until industry critics review their electric vehicles. There’s always the concern that first-time entrances into a market could result in physical failures.

Yamaha Announces 2021 Ténéré

Yamaha Fans have been long awaiting the arrival of a new middleweight ADV class in their lineup. It was announced in early December that Yamaha would be releasing the Ténéré 700 in 2021 for $9,990.00. It has been numerous years since a new addition to the Ténéré lineup was provided by Yamaha to a European Audience, with the most recent incarnation before this announcement being the World Raid Prototype. Amazingly, Yamaha never stopped selling the Ténéré lineup in North America.

It’s estimated that along with the confirmation announcement on pricing, the bike will be released to Yamaha dealerships in the European Union by 2020 Summer. This will include a full lineup of accessories directly associated with the 2021 Ténéré 700 motorcycle. Expect products like panniers, skid plates, customized paint jobs, exclusive clothing, and helmets with this product lineup.

Design & Specs

When Yamaha confirmed the release of the Ténéré 700 for a European audience, two-colour schemes were revealed. Those include Intensity White and Matte Black. There will also be customizable paint options with select colour availability, allowing for Yamaha to ensure that the Ténéré 700 remains in its rally artform. Those colours include Red, Ceramic Ice, Carbon Black, and Matte Bronze.

When it applies to the specifications regarding the Yamaha Ténéré 700, it’s everything European Fans could desire. This motorcycle maintains a similar design to the MT-07, with an identical 689 CC Parallel Twin Engine. This means motorcyclists will receive 72.4 Horsepower with 9,000 Rpm, which is boasted with 50.2 Pounds of Torque at an additional 6,500 Rpm. Subsequently, the Yamaha Corporation has confirmed that the Ténéré 700 will maintain 346 Kilometres on a 4.2 Gallon. This is the best fuel consumption ever seen on a middleweight ADV motorcycle.

The specification doesn’t stop with just the engine components. 42mm inverted forks are fully adjustable for up to 8.3 inches of travel. The backside of the Yamaha Ténéré 700 is the Rear Shocks, which maintain 7.9 Inches of Travel that are preload adjusted with rebounding damping. There are also two 282mm Front Discs, with an additional 242mm Rear Disc. Both of these components have ABS, with wheel sizes varying between 21 to 18 inches. When it applies to the height of the seat, it comes out to 34.6 inches. This allows for a ground clearance of 9.5 inches, which is high for a middleweight motorcycle. In total, these components and the engine cause this vehicle to weight 450 pounds.