Ducati Museum Reopening in Italy

Motorcyclist Expositions have been terminated throughout 2020, with nations worldwide enforcing COVID-19 Restriction Measures to ensure the safety of their populations. Those same measures are being lifted to reopen economies, prompting various corporations and entertainment venues to reopen their doors. This has extended towards the Motorcycling Industry, with production lines resuming manufacturing & museums allowing for visitors to enter their doors.

After being closed since March 13th, it’s been announced that the Ducati Museum at the Borgo Panigale Manufacturing Facility in Italy has reopened. It’s also known that the Fisica Museum in Moto, Italy will open. Ducati had resumed manufacturing before reopening their historical museums, avoiding possible exposure with Asymptomatic Carriers of COVID-19. PR Representatives with Ducati confirmed that both locations would reopen on July 6th, with the announcement being made on July 3rd.

Ducati Executives anticipate that there’ll be minimum visitors attending the museum, with international tourism still postponed throughout Italy. Locals in Borgo Panigale or Moto, Italy won’t be willing to participate in these museums. Civilians throughout Italy remain concerned for their wellbeing after becoming one of the worst-hit nations worldwide with COVID-19. Most are focusing on their careers & savings, hunkering down for the possible second wave.

Those wanting to attend the Ducati Museum will have limited availability, with PR Representatives confirming that Saturdays & Sundays will be the exclusive days were attendance is permitted. Exclusions to this clause include the weeks of August 3rd to 9th and August 17th to 23rd. The Borna Panigale and Moto, Italy Ducati Museums will be permitted to operate for a full week during these dates. This is because Italy Tourism Officials anticipate these weeks to be the highest counts of visitors for 2020.

Cost & Protective Measures

PR Representatives with Ducati clarified that social distancing measures are being enacted during “Days of Operation”. Those unwilling to abide by required protocols will be immediately removed from the premise, with possible fines being authorised by local law enforcement. Italian locals in Borna Panigale praised Ducati for their strict measures, which 95% guarantees the safety of their manufacturing workforce. Attending this museum will cost €25.00 for visitors to obtain admission.

High Pipe Motorcycle Festival Postponed

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted multiple festivals & entertainment venues to terminate or postponement their events. It’s affected nearly every industry worldwide, with conferences & meetings also being cancelled or moving over to digital platforms like Zoom. It’s been announced that another venue has been forced to reschedule their events, with the High Pipe Motorcycle Festival announcing that a postponement has been enacted. Initially slated for July 17th to 19th, the new dates are targeted for November 6th to 8th. HPMF won’t be hosted in Wrightwood but instead more to the Stagecoach Trails in Julian, California.

The High Pipe Motorcycle Festival has continuously operated in Wrightwood, California. This Scrambler-Cycle Venue is changing locations for a single year, but fans are eagerly awaiting changes of scenery. The Stagecoach Trail starts in Julian but traverses multiple areas in California, one of the more picture-esc States in America. These locations include the Anza Borrego Desert, Laguna Mountains, and Cleveland National Forest. Riders will be provided with a magnitude of different terrains with their newest destination, including Asphalt and Gravel.

Organizers rescheduling the High Pipe Motorcycle Festival for November 6th to 8th confirmed that all planned events, features, and activities are remaining on the schedule. This includes camping throughout the first weekend of November, which is a time-honoured tradition for HPMF during the July 17th weekend. Though temperatures will be slightly colder than usual for campers, an atmosphere centred around fall camping is eagerly awaited by ticket holders.

Additional Events & Services for High Pipe Motorcycle Festival include:

  • Motorcycle Scrambler Test Riders.
  • Children Scavenger Hunt.
  • Drinking Games.
  • Ride-In Motorcycle Show.
  • Live Music.
  • Axe Throwing.
  • The HPMF Pie Eating Contest.
  • Concession Stands with Food & Alcohol.
  • Candy & Ice Cream Vendors.
  • Motorcycle Mob Runs.
  • Skill Courses for Testing.

Enthusiasts of this motorcycle festival were informed that if they’ve already registered for July 17th to 19th, their registration traverses over to the November 6th to 8th rescheduled dates. Representatives noted that confirmation & tickets could be used for entry to the Stagecoach Trails event. Those in North America that are unable to attend the High Pip Motorcycle Festival can witness these events on ESPN & TSN.

MotoGP Athletes Hold COVID-19 Charity

Motorcyclists came together last weekend & collected €53,462.00 for COVID-19 Relief Aid Charity. It saw the most prominent name in motorcycling auction their gear, donating all funds acquired towards the Red Cross Charity. This group assists rural areas & nations that have been affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Fresh Water, Food, Clothing, and Basic Necessities are being provided to those affected.

COVID-19 has affected billions worldwide, with these individuals being informed to remain indoors under any conditions. It saw businesses & largescale corporations to close their doors for the final time, with these individuals losing their positions. Rural nations aren’t equipped with assisting their communities during times of crisis, which is where the Red Cross comes into effect. These infamously supported millions for decades in multiple situations, including War & Natural Disasters. It’s why the Royal Spanish Motorcycling Federation selected the Red Cross, with donated funds guaranteed to assist those in need.

The Royal Spanish Motorcycling Federation represents noteworthy riders, including Marc Marquez. This champion racer enlisted the assistance of other motorcyclists from Spain, including Alex Rins. Dozens of other passengers donated their gear towards this charity & obtained the total funds of €53,462.00. A total of forty-three items were selected from 20 World Champions in different motorcycling circuits to receive these funds.

Highest Donations

Two motorcyclists generated nearly half the total valuation earned during this charity. It involved Marc Marquez, Alex Rins, and Manuel Casado. The first two compete in the 2020 Season of MotoGP & have become infamous athletes in Spain. Repsol Honda’s Marc Marquez donated his leather suit, which generated a €16,000.00 donation. Alex Rins donated his 2019 Racing Helmet & obtained €9,000.00 from charitable attendees. These two men alone acquired €25,000.00 from their two contributions.

The 3rd highest donation was made by Manuel Casado, the President of the Royal Spanish Motorcycling Federation. He donated a Bultaco Sherpa 250 T. It’s a classic motorcycle that’s been driven by notable champions from history. Most were expecting this donation to obtain the highest revenue, with it instead earn €4,700.00. All additional funds were made from other items donated by champions from the past.

Harley Davidson Stands Behind BLM Movement

The most recognizable motorcycle brand in North America confirmed its stance on the Black Lives Matter Movement. Harley Davidson confirmed through their social media page that their corporation doesn’t support or engage with racism in any manner. Solidarity behind a movement is unprecedented for the Harley Davidson Company, showing the status associated with supporting the African American Community. It should be mentioned though that company refusing solidarity with this movement have found themselves losing a large percentage of their customer base.

Harley Davidson went to both their Instagram & Facebook pages, making posts that indicate racism won’t be accepted at the Milwaukee Manufacturer. Representatives guaranteed that their brand stands with those wanting to defeat the world of racism. Some have been shocked by the sentiments issued with their company, potentially cutting them off from a more significant portion of their customer base. The image of Harley Davidson has supported Biker Gangs like the Hell’s Angels, who have been known to believe in racist ideologies. The company appears to have switched their operational mentality, sacrificing customers that aren’t willing to grow for those who already support the liberal mindset.

The official sentiments from Harley Davidson indicate that intolerance, hate, and racism won’t be supported in the workplace moving forward. This extends to their retail locations throughout North America. Acts of racism will be condemned on-site to help employees of African American descent, while also standing in solidarity with our African American riders.

The Requests

Made first through Instagram, their solidarity via social media continued with their profile picture turning entirely black. Large percentages of African American’s have expressed that social media postings don’t aid their movement. Providing donations to various charities, hiring more African American employees, assisting rural neighbourhoods, and making educational platforms more accessible is genuine aid.

Harley Davidson hasn’t issued funding for any of the conditions that African American Groups have requested, alongside countless other corporations. It shows that their genuine extent of solidarity doesn’t reach past social media. There’s a good chance that Harley Davidson will provide notable donations though, with the company having become enemies with Donald Trump. Doing anything that negatively impacts this foolish President benefits Harley Davidson.

Ducati Signs Jack Miller to MotoGP

An unexpected change in the 2021 MotoGP Grid was announced on June 3rd. It was revealed that Jack Miller had signed a contract with Ducati Racing on May 27th. He’ll appear with the Ducati factory team in the upcoming season, with contract details implicating an extension clause of twelve months until 2022. Depending on the skillsets displayed by Jack Miller over his first nineteen races could allow him permanent placement with Ducati Racing.

Ducati is an Italian motorcycle racing outfit, who have relied on Australian talent for a prolonged period. MotoGP Analysts had hoped they’d return to their racing roots & inquire an athlete with Italian heritage. The confirmation of Jack Miller being acquired at 25-years-old shows that Ducati is continuing to support Australian racers. Previous Australian’s that competed & gained MotoGP championships for Ducati included Casey Stoner and Troy Bayliss. They respectively won their titles in 2003 & 2007.

MotoGP History

It’s not surprising that talent scouts with Ducati Racing would select Jack Miller. He displayed notable progression throughout the 2019 MotoGP Season, with there still being some that believe Miller isn’t the correct choice of Ducati. Jack is considered an unpredictable driver & didn’t inquire about the Moto3 or Moto2 Championships. He’d inevitably lose the 2014 Moto3 Champion to Alex Marquez by two points.

Under this minimal difference, Jack Miller convinced Honda Factory Team Racing to contract him for three years. He immediately jumped from Moto3 to MotoGP, skipping an entire series. It’d take four seasons for Miller to show notable signs of improvement. This assessment indicates that his progression could de-evolve under new pressure, negatively benefiting Ducati Racing in the process.

The Reputation

Another element that could impose challenges for Ducati Racing is the reputation that Jack Miller holds on the MotoGP Paddock. He’s known for keeping a negative demeanour on the track & paddock, often enacting bullish behaviour when racing with Pramac Ducati Racing. Consistency with Ducati’s secondary team in 2019 is ultimately the reason why Miller levelled up to the factory outfit. We’ll provide our readers updates with how Jack performs over the 2021-22 MotoGP Seasons.

Android Auto Added to Honda Gold Wing

Motorcycle enthusiasts were excited to learn that the Honda Gold Wing – GL1800 will receive Android Auto Integration. It’ll mark the 1st instance that Android Auto has been reformatted for motorcyclist usage, with this updated feature slated to release by June 15th of this year. GL1800 Owners will require owning a smartphone with Android Nine or Ten to engage with this new feature.

Honda Motorcycles implemented the addition of Android Auto after initially providing Apple CarPlay to the Gold Wing series in 2017. It was the 1st motorcycle to induct navigation features from the Apple Company, with no other manufacturer having followed in Honda’s footsteps. Response from Gold Wind Owners was unexpectedly favourable, showing a desire for modern dashboards. After negotiations with the Google Company for 24+ months, Honda Motorcycles obtained a contract to offer Android Auto 5.0. It’s expected that Google is currently retrofitting this software to better suit the Gold Wing Lineup.

Gold Wing Owners that download Android Auto 5.0 to their motorcycles will receive an influx of features. That includes Music Accessibility, Speech-to-Text Messaging Applications, GPS Navigation, and Google Assistant. Prolonged rides through country roads in North America or the European Union become considerably less challenging when engaging with these features. Similar features are available to Gold Wing Owners with an iPhone. It should be noted that Honda recommends using Android Auto with a Bluetooth Headset. This guarantees that the Gold Wing GL1800 can continue being controlled.

The Honda Gold Wing GL1800

Motorcyclists desiring a tourer with Liquid Cooling, ABS Breaks, Six Speed Gearboxes, and Fuel-Efficient Transmissions have located the perfect motorcycle. The Honda Gold Wing GL1800 also provides comfortable seating, a luxurious design, saddlebags, storage options, and much more that owners will find years after their initial purchase. It’s this core aspect that has seen the Gold Wing Series remain popular for over four decades. Their core designs haven’t been altered since it’s initial launch in 1974, with the fanbase often returning to the Gold Wing & it’s multiple iterations. Those interested in purchasing the Honda Gold Wing GL1800 should know there are five different models, with the cost varying between $23k and $31k.

Harley Davidson Postpones Two Models

Dedicated supporters behind Harley-Davidson were disappointed to learn that two models are being delayed. This follows after manufacturing lines for Harley-Davidson have lost their workforces amid the coronavirus pandemic. Harley-Davidson clarified that these models would resume production & be released for 2021. The two models delayed include the Harley-Davidson Bronx and Pan-America. Disappointment amongst dedicated rides followed because both these models boast the updated “Water-Cooled HD Revolution Engine”.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced multiple changes onto the Harley-Davidson Company, with their Senior Management being altered drastically. Various members in Senior Management departed from the company amid the COVID-19 pandemic, concerned that decreasing profits would force Harley-Davidson into bankruptcy. These changes prompted the Rewire Plan & Harley-Davidson More Roads Program to be cancelled as well. Executives had hoped that these programs and loss of employees would be the minimal fallout. These individuals didn’t want to announce the delays on multiple models, let alone one.

It should be noted that multiple motorcycle manufacturers have faced unexpected closure during the novel coronavirus. BMW, Husqvarna, and KTM have all announced models that are officially cancelled. At least Harley-Davidson is only postponing the Bronx and Pan-America.

The Pan America

The Harley-Davidson Pan America supports multiple configurations, allowing bikers to customize this motorcycle to unique specifications. The baseline model supports a 1250cc V-Twin Engine that’s reminiscent of classic Harley-Davidson’s. Those wanting power that’s slightly more can purchase a 975cc Model in Q3 2021. Its design is traditional to the history of Harley-Davidson, with this motorcycle meant more for the experienced rider than a newcomer.

The Bronx

The Harley-Davidson Bronx acts as the little brother to the Pan America. It supported a 975cc Engine that maintains 70lb of Torque, with a maximum of 115hp. The V-Twin Water-Cooled Revolution Engine will ensure that long rides don’t consist of overheating. The Bronx also comes with an adjustable suspension, custom-built tyres, and four-piston Monoblock brakes.

Combining these attributes into one motorcycle creates a secure and reliable experience, which will most likely sellout when Harley-Davidson released the Bronx in 2021. Consumers will receive fast speeds down the straights, consistent handling in the corners, and additional control via specialized electronics in the motor. Traversing almost any landscape is possible with the Bronx.

Marty Smith Tragically Passes Away

Those that watched motorcycling circuits in the 1970s new the name Marty Smith, he’d become one of the 1st motocross legends in North America. Those fans were disappointed to hear that both Marty & Nancy Smith had lost their lives earlier this week in a traffic dune buggy accident. The vehicle rolled multiple times, with those on-site believing head trauma would’ve prompted their deaths. This is one of the sadder deaths in motocross, with Marty Smith being one of the key individuals that made this motorsport accessible. He’d notably acquire three AHA National Championships during the 1970s.

The History of Marty

Marty Smith was one of the youngest motocross athletes in history, with the young teenager starting his career at fourteen in SoCal’s Carlsbad Raceway. He’d quickly become successful and acquire multiple podium victories, prompting the young start to become a factory driver with Honda Racing in 1975. Marty would be seventeen at the time, competing on the Honda RC125 and acquiring the 1st ever championship within the “AMA 125cc Motocross National Circuit”. He’d dominate this four-round circuit series and receive podium placement two times while earning 2nd in the additional two rounds. Throughout this period, Marty Smith would still obtain his high school degree and meet Nancy for the 1st time.

After acquiring championship victory in 1974, this young rider would become eighteen and defend his 125cc title throughout 1975. He’d gain victory in six of the several races while acquiring 3rd in the seventh because of technical errors in the pits. Marty Smith would also be known as the 1st American to defeat European Racers. Beating these European came at the “FIM 125cc United States Grand Prix”, which he’d inevitably accomplish twice back-to-back.

Marty Smith continued his domination over motocross, becoming the 1st teenage superstar in motorcycling history. He’d acquire hundreds of Grand Prix Podiums throughout the 190s, ultimately retiring in 1980 after a decade of riding. It followed after he had children and no longer wanted to risk his life. Our condolences to the Smith family for their loss, Marty will forever be remembered as the 1st famous motocross racer, who ultimately made this sport popular in North America.

Fines Issued to Motorcyclists for Excessive Travelling

Those living in the United States and the United Kingdom have often shown their selfish behaviour throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. These individuals have broken social distancing protocols for their benefit, attending outdoor locations or holding illegal parties, with thousand often present. Local UK news outlets highlighted new evidence of civilians cutting social distancing measures. It was revealed that two motorcyclists were issued fines under the Coronavirus Act, which follows after these Rochdale Riders were found travelling for non-essential reasons.

These individuals took their Yamaha XSR700 & Yamaha MT07 from Rochdale, which is located in the Greater Manchester Region, throughout the coastal side roads until reaching Whitby. Those familiar with this drive know that it’s more than 100+ miles, breaking the requirement of not travelling outside two miles of your home. When Whitby Law Enforcement located these two unnamed individuals, it was noted that their reasoning for the commute was to purchase fish & chips from the Eastern Coastal Town. This is nowhere near an essential requirement for living, prompting the immediate fine. It should be noted that Whitby Law Enforcement was the 1st to make this information public, with local news outlets making it viral within hours.

Whitby Law Enforcement provided insight into this manner with their social media posting. It was mentioned that the White Neighborhood Policing Team were responsible for this arrest. They’d been patrolling the A169 Jurisdiction before locating the two motorcyclists, who were flagged and researched via the UK Database. This revealed these individuals were from Rochdale and not Whitby. Both were sent home with an official policing guide, where they’d then be issued fines for breaching the national guidelines. A Corporal with Whitby PD noted that they were in the right place at the right time.

Total Fines

Civilians in the United Kingdom have continuously broken social distancing measures, forcing law enforcement nationwide to exceptional ten thousand individuals. This isn’t the maximum number of civilians violating the lockdown restrictions, with 200+ thousand incidents having been reported to law enforcement. When accounting for the associated cost of these fines, it’s not enough to concern those willing to break the lockdown restrictions. Those caught are fined a maximum of £60.00.

Ducati Cares Program Unveiled

Corporations worldwide have implemented specialized programs or charities amidst the novel coronavirus pandemic, assisting various groups in their survival during this unprecedented period. The most recent corporation to announce a program that’ll help with limiting the spread is Ducati. They confirmed the Ducati Care Program had been imposed onto global dealerships, enforcing a series of protocols that must be met before reopening. This’ll drastically affect dealerships in the United Kingdom and Ireland, who’ve eagerly awaited opening since being closed in early March.

Current Pandemic Guidelines enforce online purchases only, with dealerships not slated to allow customers back into showrooms until social distancing measures are listed. The updated guidelines will be applied during this period, requiring that salesman and customers keep safe distances from each other. Masks, Disinfectants, Hand Sanitizers will also be required. It’ll help ensure that the coronavirus doesn’t spread throughout Ducati’s dealerships.

Memos released by Ducati Corporate to global dealerships iterated that additional precautions will be enforced, with those still being determined. Details on the upcoming regulations weren’t confirmed by Ducati Corporate, with inside sources from dealerships indicating that showrooms will be revised and selling interests could move towards digital platforms. Ducati Corporate provided these details to global dealerships after it was announced that the Borgo Panigale Manufacturing Plant had resumed production. Increased workforces are added daily, enabling for new 2020 Motorcycle Models to be released gradually.

Unexpected Views from Ducati

The Global Sales Vice President of Ducati provided insight to reporters on the updated guidelines. Francesco noted that globally this virus won’t disappear from our lives for two years and that the fallout will be considerably longer. The VP believes that everyone has to learn to live with the coronavirus pandemic, enforcing protection measures to limit the spread of this virus. Global civilians have often proven themselves incapable of staying indoors or practising social distancing, leading most in the motorcycle industry to think Francesco is incorrect.

Final remarks from the Vice President of Global Sales indicates that their guidelines and programs will ensure the safety of consumers when attending dealerships. However, this is something that Francesco can genuinely promise.