The Covid-19 pandemic enforced multiple cancellations of largescale expositions, with organizers having to oblige government restrictions & avoid an outbreak of Covid. “The Progressive International Motorcycle Show” in 2020 was cancelled, with PIM Expo confirming they’d return for 2021. Regular attendees were anticipating standard formatting to this exposition, meaning indoor & outdoor displays for ticketholders. That is changing next year to account for the continuing pandemic, with the expositions namesake also being altered. Regular attendees were given the schedule for “2021s Progressive IMS Outdoors Event”.

Strategic approaches are being sustained with the reformatted expositions. PIM Expo will visit nine locations in America between June to October 2021. Scheduling is formatted based on weather systems in the United States. The Northern States will house these expos during the Summer, with the Southern States following in the fall. Organizers mentioned that PIM Expo being reformatted might benefit the event long-term, creating more engagement with attendee motorcycles & outdoor environments nearby. Pleasant experiences could unfold in these outdoor locations.

Progressive IMS Outdoors has guaranteed visitors that availability in “Demo Rides” will be broadened, accounting for physical distancing measures associated with Covid-19. All motorcycles tested by attendees will receive immediate sanitation after that user’s departure. Multiple vehicles are available for testing. Those include:

  • Recreational Petrol Motorcycles.
  • Electric Bicycles.
  • Electric Scooters.
  • Electric Motorcycles.

Musical performances from local musicians account for the entertainment & dining opportunities are being eliminated to avoid an outbreak. Organizers have recommended that attendees pack lunches for day-long excursions to the expo.

The American International Motorcycle Expo

Progressive IMS Outdoors announcing reformatting of their exposition places pressure onto other events in the United States. It’s expected that the AIM Expo 2021 will implement similar formatting to PIM. However, no official announcements have been issued by the American International Motorcycle Association. There is minimal opportunity to make an announcement, with AIM Expo 2021 beginning in January. Some are questioning if AIMA isn’t considering physical distancing, which would inflict major outbreaks of Covid-19 in Ohio.

American motorcyclists are guaranteed one exposition that requires physical distancing & facemasks. Individuals interested in attending 2021 Progressive IMS Outdoors can purchase tickets online.

PIM Expo 2021 Schedule Revealed