Fans were surprised to learn that Triumph Motorcycles and Baja Auto India have partnered together. This partnership will be long term without any equity involved, with the two corporations working to develop mid-capacity motorcycles. Triumph Motorcycles will have better fortunes when emerging in new markets. Famous in the United Kingdom, Triumph has struggled to grow in the Middle East and North America. It should be noted that these two corporations have previously worked with each other.

Both corporations have their respective strengths in the motorcycle markets, with Triumph having a more significant focus on large-capacity motorcycles. The Baja Auto India Company engaged with small-capacity motorcycles, as their respective environments demands for compact vehicles. Baja typically designs models that maintain 200cc to 750cc engines, that have small-scale bodies and off-road capable shocks. These elements are required for the narrow streets of India, which have thousands of people bustling around each other. Creating motorcycles for this environment isn’t Triumph’s strong suit, which is why this partnership will benefit their international growth drastically.

Triumph Motorcycles confirmed that they’d be taking a new direction following a less-than-desirable performance throughout 2018-19. Triumph performed at respective valuations in Europe and the United Kingdom but drastically failed in global markets. Triumph UK will focus entirely on big-capacity models, with Triumph International focusing on small-scale bodies. It’s quite impressive to see two companies reinvent themselves for the benefit of consumers. Instead of developing unsatisfactory vehicles, their partnership will educate both companies on how to enhance their shortcomings. When it applies to Baja India, they’ve failed when it comes to quality and finishes. Considering that Triumph Motorcycles excels with those two manufacturing processes, Baja India will receive numerous benefits from this partnership as well.


This follows a strategic partnership that is benefiting Baja India more than Triumph International. Moving forward, Baja will become the leading distributor for the international subsidiary of Triumph. Additionally, all distribution activities and profits from Triumph in the Indian market will be taken over by Baja Auto India. Considering that this UK-Based motorcycle firm has seen declining profits, this partnership seems like one last Hail Mary towards a new resurgence. We will continue to update our readers on the future growth or decline of Triumph Motorcycles throughout 2020.

Bajaj Auto India & Triumph Motorcycles Partner Together