As a new rider of someone who is interested in getting onto motorbikes, you might be looking at a big flashy sports bike that has lots of power and the ability to run close to 200 miles per hour.

While these bikes are extremely exciting and certainly have what it takes to give you a thrill, it is important to begin and a couple of steps back and take the time to really understand how these bikes control and what you can do with it.

There have been way too many people who kept on a big 1000cc bike with little experience and end up crashing before they even hint second gear, which is completely understandable when you consider the amount of power the bigger bikes have.

Below, we look at the best option for new riders and how you can get the best experience in the shortest amount of time. Not only will the experience help you control the bike, but you’ll learn how to have fun and why you need to respect it at all times.

Start with a Dirt Bike

Yes, that’s right, you would want to start off road as this gives you the ultimate experience in handling a motorbike. Not only will it teach you how to react when a bike tire slips, but also the control you need to take corners and understand the limits.

Sure, dirt bikes and superbikes are completely different, but it is the way you react while riding that makes the big difference. Surprisingly, your skills from a dirt bike can easily be used on a superbike, especially with the way you control the bike through corners, stopping and even accelerating. There are certain things dirt bike riders do that never get learnt by those who begin with a road bike.

Start as Small as Possible

This might pop your bubble again as you might be thinking about a powerful 450cc off-road bike or even a 500cc. It is important to remember that these bikes are heavier than the 125cc and even the 250cc. If you really want to have fun, avoid giving hurt bad and really focus on the skills you need to take advantage of a motorbike, it is best to start with something that is as light as possible.

Even if you weigh around 200 lbs, a little 125cc will have all the power you need to have fun off road, pop wheelies and go more than fast enough. Anything from 2008 and newer is a great choice, especially if you can get a 2 stroke as these have unbelievable amounts of power and are extremely fun to play with.

Before you Get a Road Bike

Don’t rush yourself to get a big road bike, but rather take the time with the off-road toy and learn how to ride properly. If you go play with the bike every weekend, it will be a matter of just a few months before you do just about everything you’ve ever wanted to, which is a good indication that you have much better riding skills already, making it a good time to good a bigger bike for the road.

Best Bikes for Learners