Designing a customised helmet while riding your motorcycle means that you’re essentially making a customised or specialised tailor-made helmet according to your own preferences. It’s for this reason that a customised helmet cannot be produced in bulk. It can, therefore, be seen as a limited edition or a product that is available exclusively to you.

It also goes without saying that although the helmet will be customised, you will still be required to ensure the helmet is protecting your head and that it’s safe in all circumstances. Thankfully, there are several basic ways to customise your helmet, including custom paint, airbrush, or you can simply add decals that will make your helmet quite unique and awesome. Let’s take a look at a few ways to customise your helmet at home.

Custom Paint Your Helmet

There are two ways in which you can custom paint your helmet. This includes wet painting it or airbrushing your helmet. If you have a good idea of how to paint, there’s nothing stopping you for painting the helmet yourself. However, if you don’t have a clue of what to do, its better to search for an expert painter to get the job done for you. Rather avoid a crudely painted helmet if you have no idea what you are doing. The other option is to airbrush your helmet which involves an airbrush to paint as opposed to wet paint. You will also need to have a good understanding on how to airbrush, so make sure to learn all the techniques before you attempt it.

Apply Stickers or Custom Decals

This is probably the safest and easiest option when it comes to customising your helmet. You merely need to search for stickers at a wide range of online shops, or if you’re feeling more creative and want to get a unique sticker or decal that no one else has, you can simply design it yourself with an assortment of innovative programs or apps. You can place the decals or stickers wherever you want and even make them offensive if you feel like it.

Get an Insane Mask Instead of Customizing Your Own Helmet

If you really want to stand out from the crowd, you can also opt in to get a face mask. However, a face mask will only protect your face and not your skull. This is essentially the only downside to purchasing a face mask but there’s no denying that they look incredibly awesome.

Customize Your Helmet With a Cover or Skin

Instead of painting your helmet or applying decals to customise it, why not choose a really cool skin to make it even more unique? One of the greatest benefits of applying a skin over your entire helmet is that it protects your helmet from chips and scratches. There are loads of interesting skins out there, ranging from Iron Man through to Spider-Man. The choose is yours, and it will definitely turn a few heads when you drive past others.

How to Customize Your Motorcycle Helmet