With MotoGP testing set to begin in less than a month, we see some interesting stories about the teams and what could possibly happen in the season to come. Not only do we see major changes to some of the teams, but we’re looking forward to seeing how everyone adapts to the new regulations as well.

With the schedule mirroring last year, we yet again see 19 races for the season ahead. The first interesting part would be the fact that one 2 of the 22 teams remain the same with the same riders. It’s bound to take some time to get used to all the changes and remembering where everyone is racing, but it also allows for some new excitement as we see what team and rider gets across the line first.

With all the stories going around, there’s sure to be a lot to keep an eye on, which is why we’re giving you the most interesting ones right here, making it a little easier to keep up with everything happening in MotoGP and staying updated on what’s to come in 2019.

Who Would be the Rookies Worth Watching?

In 2018, we saw an amazing battle for the best of the rookies, and it was actually close towards the end as Franco Morbidelli from the Honda team just managed to stay ahead of Hafizh Syahrin from Yamaha. In fact, it was only 4 points in total splitting them by the end of the 19th race of the year. Even though Morbidelli managed a best position of just 8th, he still managed to claim the rookie title with a total of 50 points.

With all the changes for 2019, we actually have four racers who might just have what it takes to battle it out for the rookie title this year. They’ve all upgraded from MotoGP 2 and show great promise as they head to the track with MotoGP in 2019.

First on the list and the most likely to take the title is Joan Mir who joined MotoGP after just one year with the intermediate class. He will be on the Factory Suzuki bike where he is replacing Andrea Iannone. We’re expecting the new rider for Pramac Ducati, Pecco Bagnaia, to make some impressive moves as well. He managed to claim the title in MotoGP in 2018 and will now be joining Jack Miller in MotoGP.

Could Miller have it in 2019?

One of the biggest stories to look forward to is with Jack Miller who is now joining his 5th year in MotoGP. Sure, he isn’t a new rider anymore, but he is only turning 24 this year, and from what we’ve seen, he has a lot more to provide.

Well, 2019 might just be the year where he can go all out and get the best results. Of course, he would firstly be taking care of the new addition being Bagnaia, but with the new 2019 Ducati, we can expect to see Miller crash a lot less and possibly even make a difference to the leaders.

MotoGP 2019 What We Look Forward To