Rumours for months suggested that Repsol Oil wouldn’t renew their contract with Honda Motorsport for MotoGP. It wouldn’t mark the end to a relationship that’s sustained 25 years. However, it’s been announced by Repsol Oil is continuing their contract with the Honda MotoGP Team until 2023. The updated agreement maintains two years & begins in 2021.

Contract agreements with Repsol Oil & Honda Motorsport began in 1995. Their sponsorship is one of the most prolonged in racing history. Dedicated fans of “Repsol Honda MotoGP” have welcomed the renewal contract announcement, with speculation suggesting that Repsol Oil was likely to sponsor Red Bull Racing. It would’ve been surprised to see Repsol select another team, with Honda being a regular podium finisher in MotoGP. Red Bull Racing has struggled to ascertain similar records maintained by MotoGP.

Honda Motorsport released an official statement on the updated agreement. President Nomura evoked that it’s wonderful knowing that their partnership with Repsol is extending by two years. Nomura expects that the two organizations will obtain formidable success in the MotoGP Championship before 2023.

Honda Motorsports President promised that together they’d continue overcoming hardships & obstacles associated with the coronavirus pandemic. President Nomura admitted that 2020 has been financially challenging for innovation but that everyone at Honda MotoGP is looking forward to continuing the Repsol journey. Repsol Honda MotoGP will continue achieving challenging goals in Grand Prix racing.

Challenges in 2020 for Honda

Repsol Honda has seen numerous challenges throughout the 2020 MotoGP Campaign. Financial challenges associated with the coronavirus have limited upgrade options, and their reigning champion of Marc Marquez hasn’t competed since July 2020. The six-time world champ broke his arm during the Spanish Grand Prix, meaning Repsol Honda Racing had a lesser chance at winning the 2020 championship.

Those challenges are slowly being overcome without the involvement of Marc Marquez. Younger brother Alex Marquez has begun acquiring his skillsets throughout MotoGP. He obtained his maiden podium during the French Grand Prix and followed with qualifying position at the Aragon Grand Prix. There’s a chance that Alex Marquez has the same championship blood of his older brother, Marc Marquez.

Repsol Renews Partnership with Honda for MotoGP