Manufacturing processes can create unique products for consumers, with this extending towards the motorcyclist community. 2020 has marked a year where innovative concepts have created unusual motorcycles. This extends towards the Kawasaki ZX-25R Racing Edition, which complements it’d predecessor by providing a Body Design unlike any other in 2020.

This Racing Edition of the Kawasaki ZX-25 is competing against MotoGP manufacturers, Yamaha. It provides an influx of performance parts with an overwhelming level of carbon body panelling. This ensures that the Racing Edition is lightweight, allowing for better speed and grip in the corners. It’ll also enable motorcyclists to flatline it out on the straights, creating opportunities to overtake in Street or Circuit Races. The Racing Edition is legal in Japan, the United States, Canada and Europe. We recommend racing with motorsport circuits.

When reviewing the carbon panelling, which is combined around the Fairings and Frame, it revealed an attractive and fierce design. Motorsport analysts anticipate that various teams will purchase the Kawasaki ZX-25R and retrofit with increased performance parts. They’ll then cover the carbon body panelling with sponsor advertisements and team logos. Before anyone knows it, the ZX-25R will become a notable motorcycle for racing leagues.

The Designers

Kawasaki contacted an outside source to design the specialized bodywork, with that company being A-Tech. They implemented a variety of alterations to the physical design of the ZX-25R. That included the Seat Unit, Frame, Subframe, Fairings, Tank, Swingarm Covers and Airbox. It’s estimated that roughly 150lbs have been removed from replacing metalized components with carbon materials. It should be mentioned that A-Tech is considered one of the best manufacturers of body panelling in the motorcycle community. The ZX-25R is just another accomplishment added to their extensive list.

One crucial detail regarding the Kawasaki ZX-25R wasn’t confirmed. That includes the engine components for this racing edition. The previous model supported a 250cc, with motorcycle analysts speculating that it’ll be boosted to 750cc. That power, combined with the limited weight from carbon panelling, will allow for superior performance with the ZX-25R. Engine components will regularly be altered by racing teams, making some question if multiple variations of this motorcycle will be provided.

The Kawasaki ZX-25R Race Edition