Motorcyclist Expositions have been terminated throughout 2020, with nations worldwide enforcing COVID-19 Restriction Measures to ensure the safety of their populations. Those same measures are being lifted to reopen economies, prompting various corporations and entertainment venues to reopen their doors. This has extended towards the Motorcycling Industry, with production lines resuming manufacturing & museums allowing for visitors to enter their doors.

After being closed since March 13th, it’s been announced that the Ducati Museum at the Borgo Panigale Manufacturing Facility in Italy has reopened. It’s also known that the Fisica Museum in Moto, Italy will open. Ducati had resumed manufacturing before reopening their historical museums, avoiding possible exposure with Asymptomatic Carriers of COVID-19. PR Representatives with Ducati confirmed that both locations would reopen on July 6th, with the announcement being made on July 3rd.

Ducati Executives anticipate that there’ll be minimum visitors attending the museum, with international tourism still postponed throughout Italy. Locals in Borgo Panigale or Moto, Italy won’t be willing to participate in these museums. Civilians throughout Italy remain concerned for their wellbeing after becoming one of the worst-hit nations worldwide with COVID-19. Most are focusing on their careers & savings, hunkering down for the possible second wave.

Those wanting to attend the Ducati Museum will have limited availability, with PR Representatives confirming that Saturdays & Sundays will be the exclusive days were attendance is permitted. Exclusions to this clause include the weeks of August 3rd to 9th and August 17th to 23rd. The Borna Panigale and Moto, Italy Ducati Museums will be permitted to operate for a full week during these dates. This is because Italy Tourism Officials anticipate these weeks to be the highest counts of visitors for 2020.

Cost & Protective Measures

PR Representatives with Ducati clarified that social distancing measures are being enacted during “Days of Operation”. Those unwilling to abide by required protocols will be immediately removed from the premise, with possible fines being authorised by local law enforcement. Italian locals in Borna Panigale praised Ducati for their strict measures, which 95% guarantees the safety of their manufacturing workforce. Attending this museum will cost €25.00 for visitors to obtain admission.

Ducati Museum Reopening in Italy