Repsol Honda Racing announced that Marc Marquez, the reigning MotoGP Champion, won’t be attending the upcoming Styrian Grand Prix. This comes after Marquez continues to recover from his broken arm, which underwent radical surgery to ensure prompt healing. This unexpected injury overcame Marc Marquez on July 19th at the Spanish Grand Prix, receiving his modernized operation 48-Hours later.

Marc Marquez proved himself the champion, refusing to accept the degree of his injuries. Supporters saw the Repsol Honda Racer at the Andalusian Grand Prix on July 25th, where he’d try to compete in Qualifying for a podium position. Swelling in Marc Marquez broken arm shortly into the session forced his prompt retirement and created an exceptional level of stress onto his injury. Marquez would break the steel plate wrapped around his broken arm while trying to open a window back home. This prompted the 2nd operation for Marc Marquez, resulting in the champion missing the Czech Republic & Austrian Grand Prix’s.

Repsol Honda Racing wouldn’t confirm or deny if Marc Marquez were returning for the 2nd Austrian Grand Prix, with double-header rounds being supported at the Red Bull Ring. It wouldn’t be until August 19th that Repsol Honda Personnel clarified that Marquez wouldn’t appear in the second round. This likely means his remittance into the 2020 MotoGP Season will arrive at the San Marino Grand Prix, which takes place on September 11th to 13th. It’ll be another double-header that will prove challenging for the still injured driver.

Marc Marquez will find it challenging to overcome Fabio Queretaro in 2020. Missing a total of five Grand Prix’s has placed Marquez substantially lower into the points, with Fabio standing 67-Points above Marc. Queretaro couldn’t set points for five races for Marquez to compete for championship contention. This likely means the reign of Marc Marquez will end in 2020, hopeful of returning for the 2021 MotoGP Season.

Marc’s Replacement

Repsol Honda Racing are struggling in the MotoGP Constructor’s Championship without Marc Marquez. Their replacement driver for the Champion is Stefan Bradl, who has struggled to maintain his motorcycle race-after-race. It became evident again after Stefan placed 17th at the Austrian Grand Prix. Bradl claimed that Repsol Honda didn’t have the speed needed to maintain contention, blaming his employer over his respective shortcomings. The return of Marc Marquez for Repsol Honda grows daily.

Marquez Not Returning Until September 11th