Motorcyclists in New England, New Hampshire have to store up their precious choppers and wait for the spring to arrive in a few months time, as for now one of the worst winter seasons is upon the state. However, that doesn’t mean riders can’t look forward to the upcoming 2020 riding season. Below we have listed the five best locations across New England for our readers to look into for next season.

The Locations

  • The Hamster Ride – This location sends riders to Hollis for their beginning stop, taking through scenic trailers until reading the Canadian Border. This location has numerous dirt roads, with riders recommended selecting the southern side of the route. Throughout the course of the Hamster Ride, motorcyclists will travel 338 Miles. It’s recommended that individuals considering this route should take a three-day weekend for its full completion.
  • The Puppy Dog Route – This route is similar to the Hamster Ride, as it takes bikers to the Canadian Border. However, the Puppy Dog Route takes individuals through multiple state lines. You start in New England, move over to Massachusetts for the Canadian border and then go through Vermont until returning to New England. This location is best experienced during the Spring or Fall.
  • Trans Mass Trail – This is another cross-state route that will take motorcyclists through some of the most scenic routes known in America. Riders start in New England, then travel through the Connecticut border. Eventually, you hit Western Massachusetts and then return to New England. However, even with its extensive state-line crossings, this trail is only ninety miles and can be completed in a single day.
  • North East Adventure Rally – This isn’t a route but instead a dedicated event for motorcyclists. It begins in Harrisville, New Hampshire and has motorcyclists ride throughout the state until hitting New England. Included in this event are several nights of camping, with the inclusion of Rally Cars and Motorcycles. Subsequently, this is the most unique event for motorcyclists in New England.
  • North Earth BDR – This is the daily route variation of the rally. Instead of participating with thousands of Rally Racers and Motorcyclists, you can take the Backcountry Discovery Route without any worries. It’s also the newest route available to cyclists, with the adventure rally making their tracks public grounds. We highly recommend this smooth ride that takes you through some of the most scenic forests in New England and New Hampshire.
New England’s Best Motorcycle Routes