The motorcycle market has been flourished with product arrivals for 2020. Two of the biggest shows to showcase new motorcycles just passed in November, including Milan’s EICMA Show and the Long Beach International Show. Both European and North American consumers have seen the latest products coming to the market in 2020. This article focuses on the International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach, which has higher attendance records than Milan.

All manufacturers in North America came with their best products. Some of the most notable brands showcased models for the touring, adventure sports and street driving categories. Those include Honda, Harley Davidson, Husqvarna and Ducati. Throughout the two-day long event, multiple concept bets were on display. This consists of the Husqvarna Norden 901 and the Ducati Desert X. However, those weren’t the best motorcycles displayed at Long Beach. Below we have provided small reviews regarding the three most highly received bikes at the International Motorcycle Show.

  • Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin – Honda Motorcycles announced four new African Twin Models, which all are receiving a power upgrade of 10% with reductions in weight. Included with both models will be a TFT Display and Cruise Control. However, the standard edition is more streamlined, and the premium model is more customized. The first thing owners of older models will notice is that the kickstand-to-weight ratio is considerably better than previous designs. The African Twins can be purchased from $14,399.00 to $15,199.00.
  • Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports – Expanding on the regular models in the Honda African Twin lineup are two adventure sports models. These models are designed for more capable riders, with cornering lights that are LED Sensitive. These two models will also sport-touring seats, better suspension for ground clearance and more sporty aesthetic designs. Those wanting the buffed up versions in the Honda African Twin Lineup will have to pay upwards of $18,000.00.
  • Harley Davidson Pan America – Harley Davidson is moving into new territory with the release of their first adventure bike. This product is expected to release in late 2020 with a distinctive look. Harley Davidson confirmed that the new model would support a liquid-cooled 1250cc engine, which is being called the Revolution Max. It is expected to have more than 145 Horsepower with 90 Feet/Pounds of Torque. The design is compact and will surely be a hit amongst fans of the Harley Davidson Brand.

It’s hard to determine who will win the market over with their new adventure sports models. Honda and Harley Davidson both have longstanding customers that are loyal to their products. Considering that Honda is more known for their adventurous motorcycles, most analysts expect that they’ll take hold of this sub-market.

New Motorcycles Coming in 2020